All Texcumar production, both in nauplii and larvae, is certified under Global G.A.P version 5.1 which guarantees:

  • Public demonstration of compliance with Good Aquaculture Practices.
  • Commitment to environmental care
  • Animal welfare commitment
  • Commitment of well-being with our team of collaborators
  • Improvement in product quality, process and service offered to consumers
  • Increase in the level of customer satisfaction
  • Increase in competitive advantage
  • Public Demonstration of Commitment to Food Quality and Safety
  • Market expansion, by increasing your likelihood of working with organizations for which GlobalGAP is an obligation or an expectation


Certification that evaluates and recognizes the principles of environmentally friendly production of in accordance with the requirements of the national authorities of the member countries of the European Union.

Organic aquaculture is a method of production that guarantees sustainable and sustainable production. environmentally friendly and is increasingly popular given the increased awareness of consumers regarding the benefits of environmentally friendly products environment and for human and animal welfare and health.

Texcumar has the capacity to dispatch 15 million organic nauplii per day. While our larval laboratory has the capacity to dispatch 90 million organic larvae per month.

This certification guarantees:

  • Sustainable farming systems.
  • A variety of high quality products.
  • Greater emphasis on the protection of the environment.
  • More attention to biodiversity.
  • Better standards for animal protection.
  • Consumer Confidence
  • Protection of the interests of consumers.