Genetic improvement program.

Since the year 1999, Texcumar has been doing an excellent job in the Genetic Improvement of our nauplii and larvae, through a program of mass selection and analysis of different diseases and microsatellites to measure genetic distances and consanguinity levels of the batches of players entering Texcumar.

Always discuss looking for excellence in production started! to make approaches with some shrimp groups with the objective of making a strategic alliance that seeks to potentiate the Biggest Genetic Improvement Program of Ecuador's Chamber. The goal is to include to the shrimp workers in the work that has been carried out for several years, give us feedback of their experiences and also of their needs and so on; establish strategies to search More efficient shrimp productions.

The strategy that was decided with the base of Texcumar players based on a selection Mass with a much more aggressive selection pressure, also continue sowing rooms with disease-free breeders and perform consanguinity analyzes to have the best possible breeding crosses, mainly focused on the growth characteristic.

The following groups are currently participating in our genetic improvement program:

  • Grupo Fajardo
  • Hugo Mario Armijos
  • Zhipping
  • Diosmar Gonzalez
  • Promarisco
  • Naturisa
  • Prilabsa
  • Nirsa
  • Omarsa





Born 1961, citizen of Portugal.


The First Brian Kinghorn Shrimp and Aquaculture Breeding Workshop at Armidale - University of New England, Australia - May 2011 – founder and main proponent of the idea; attendance and active participation in Workshop designed to provide a broad technical update to selected shrimp and aquaculture breeders around the world