We have 23 production rooms for certified shipwrecks for our clients. of IHHNV, with proven yields in the most surviving and growing shrimp farms.

We maintain a genetic improvement program that allows us in each generation to offer to the market the best nauplii, with better growth and more uniform sizes. ...

Texcumar has three production units for nauplii:


Located in the km. 2.5 vía San Pablo - Monteverde, it has a capacity of 200 million nauplii a day in 14 production rooms.

Texcumar 2

Located in the km. 5.5 vía San Pablo - Monteverde, it has a capacity of 70 million nauplii per day in 6 production rooms.

Texcumar 3

Located at entrance 11 of the sector Punta Blanca in the San Pablo Commune, it has capacity of 30 million nauplii per day in 3 production rooms.

Proceso productivo

Shrimp used as breeders are chosen from the units of production of our associates through mass selection focused on their growth. Selected players are analyzed by microsat & lite to determine genetic distance and level of consanguinity, as & iacute; as PCR analysis to eliminate positive animals for IHHNV.

Selected players are taken to the reserve area of ​​our facilities to proceed with its adaptation, while complying with our quality standards and set parameters, before being planted in the ripening rooms.

The breeders are fed squid, clams, artemia biomass enriched with Vitamins and Omega 3, like other natural foods, for a period of 90 days, in the rooms of maturation, where the natural copulation of them is made.

The females daily spawn, the eggs are collected at night and taken to the hatching room.

Eggs hatch under controlled and stabilized parameters and nauplii, Selected by double phototropism, to ensure the quality of the final product.

We have coded nauplii for our clients depending on the origin of the players in order to ensure a better adaptation depending on from the geographical area.


In our larval production laboratory "Acuatecsa" we have 8 production units independent and we produce larva free of antibiotics, with greater survival and adapted for any environment, ensuring profitability in shrimp production.

We have larvae availability every week. ...

Productive processes

The larviculture process begins with the planting of our nauplii in the laboratory, ACUATECSA located at Km 5,5v & San Pablo Monteverde.

Within the Acuatecsa Laboratory we have eight independent production modules and we sow weekly to ensure larval availability with proper measures of biosecurity in each area.

Our production is free of antibiotics, pro-biotics are used to stabilize the quality of water and sanitation, we also handle high levels of food with the best products on the market

All this allows us to obtain a larva with excellent levels of survival and growth, with a Good gill development and resistant to different production environments.

We have our own seaweed department to ensure constant supply to avoid the entry of any input from other laboratories.

We also have our own microbiology department to ensure constant monitoring both of water quality as of animals