Our Company


Located in the San Pablo district of Santa Elena canton, Santa Elena province, Ecuador, since 1999 we are dedicated to the production of nauplii and shrimp larvae Litopenaeus vannamei. In the year 2003, Texcumar S.A. was acquired by Ing. Rafael Verduga who through processes of restructuring in terms of productive and administrative processes and the support of technical and technical team High quality administrative staff have made Texcumar the main maturation and larviculture from Ecuador with great popularity in the shrimp market.

In August of 2005 we incorporated our second unit of production of nauplii in the Monteverde commune and in the In 2017, our third production unit opened. its doors in the Punta Blanca sector, San Pablo commune, This expansion process aims to better meet the demand of the Ecuadorian market.

Texcumar has the largest installed capacity for production of nauplii and larvae in Ecuador, 300 million nauplii per day in three maturation facilities and 720 million larvae per month in his larviculture laboratory. This allows you to produce with the strictest selection processes Mass in a closed cycle, a process in charge of the Genetic Improvement Program of the directed company for the PhD. Joao Rocha, which includes shrimp groups of great importance in the country. The Texcumar Genetic Improvement Program is aacute; based on reproduction parameters, growth, Survival and disease resistance that includes individual analysis for IHHNV.

Among the advantages offered by Texcumar S.A. we have:

  • Strict selection parameters that allow us to permanently improve the species by having animals & eacute; lites in each of the stages of production.
  • Permanent renewal of breeders minimizing the incidence of diseases for the benefit of the shrimp producer.
  • The best feed quality for our players.
  • All our facilities, both maturation and larviculture, have GLOBALG.A.P certification.
  • All our processes are permanently supervised by representatives of our clients, maintaining a clear Open Doors Policy.
  • We have a highly qualified staff in all phases of production, administration, or administration. and sales, providing customers with the security of an excellent product.
  • Traceability of our products.
  • Genetic Improvement Program led by PhD Joao Rocha in Partnership with groups important shrimpers from Ecuador.